LASIK explained in detail

LASIK is a clear, simple and fast process that gives people clear vision. However, it is necessary to prepare yourself and familiarize yourself with information about the operation. Some LASIK patients have quite specific questions and are conscious of the basic steps of the process. Others may need extra information to ease their worries. This article will answer some of the most significant frequently asked questions about LASIK.

Does LASIK use blades at all?

This will depend. Traditionally, a blade can be used to cut a flap in the cornea, before its shape is altered. In some processes, a laser can also be used to create the flap as an alternative to a surgical blade. The eye’s surface is penetrated by both tools but both processes are safe. Whether your physician works with the blade or not depends on your wishes, which you can discuss in a consultation with your LASIK surgeon.

LASIK reduces your reliance and use of contacts and glasses. This will not mean you will never must wear contacts and eyeglasses again. For most tasks where glasses and contacts could be a chore, the corrected eyesight you receive through LASIK may allow you to go without. Nevertheless, there may be cases where you happen to be required to use contacts or eyeglasses, such as driving at night or while reading.

Like any surgery, LASIK complications are a threat. It’s highly improbable that anybody would go blind though. No one has yet. There can be complications associated with eyesight that hasn’t been adequately or correctly corrected. Every one of these symptoms can usually be addressed through follow ups with your surgeon. You may have to continue using contacts or spectacles in the mean time.

You will likely see your physician two or three days after the surgery so they can check that the eyes are healing well. You can drive and work when your eye doctor says so. It’s advised that you just avoid high pressure and physically demanding tasks which could place you in danger while your corneal incision continues to repair.